Morgen Schick | About
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FORD Model becomes makeup artist and author, segues into hot makeup line creator. Her line rapidly evolves into top selling international TV brand, she then becomes the Image Creator for some of TV’s biggest stars.
Never a Supermodel, Morgen Schick DeMann ‘fine-tuned’ her look into a successful two-decade career. With an uncannily perceptive eye toward evaluating every product and strategy applied to faces and hair, her talent in makeup application led her to start honing her beauty skills on family and friends, which soon turned into celebrity faces for the pages of InStyle, Vogue, RealSimple, Oprah and W. Quickly noticed for her in-depth understanding of beauty and quest to empower women to feel beautiful, as well as her ability to do exciting, live on-air makeovers, and ‘pithy’ original sound bites, Morgen has appeared on Rachael Ray, Wendy Williams, The Revolution, CNN, Entertainment Tonight, NBC & CBS News, The View, and E! as a beauty/anti-aging/wellness expert.

Morgen’s quest to deliver her beauty and image awareness to all woman helped her create her user-friendly book of how-to’s, Your Makeover: Simple Ways For Any Woman to Look Her Best. Currently in it’s 4th printing, Your Makeover is the first beauty book not to be retouched in any way and is packed with photographs of real women employing Morgen’s fresh techniques. Morgen’s upcoming book, Your Beauty Evolution- A Youngness Bible is out soon.
Morgen transferred her beauty philosophy into a complete makeup and skin care line to fill a void she felt in the market.  Her unique perspective as a model and makeup artist allowed her the ability to understand what women really need. She studied ingredients exhaustively and clocked in countless hours in formulation labs. The line, Morgen Schick Cosmetics was a top seller on HSN and tSc (Canada) for over 10 years. Morgen continues to work as a professional makeup artist, and is currently working with the Katie Show (ABC) as the Beauty & Anti-Aging Expert Contributor.

Morgen has broadened her influence on women by leading instructional ImageOptix Workshops. Showing women that HOW THEY LOOK tells the world WHO THEY ARE, and creating their best visual selvles in easy steps. Her fresh approach to all things beauty, wellness, aging, motherhood are so relevant in today’s world. Women around the nation seek Morgen’s advice and her ‘Real-Deal-Philosophy.’ As rapidly as her career continues to expand and evolve, Morgen’s true passion lies in enabling all women to reach their BEAUTY POTENTIAL – every single morning. Her belief that beauty products should never compromise your skin’s future, and that EVERY AGE should be your most beautiful, is what keeps her constantly searching for the best for all of us.
Morgen has now collaborated with EVINE Live and Active Argan, bringing a new line of skincare and beauty products to women everywhere…more here about this!